Almería - Granada - Jaén - Córdoba

375 Km 6.500 +

11,12 and 13 October 2024

What is the Mozarabe Adventure?

We understand cycling and ultra-distance as a way to discover new paths that take us to incredible landscapes and unparalleled places. We believe that this adventure is a way of doing sports tourism without crowds and away from competition. Visit such important sites in history as the Alcazaba in Almería, the Alhambra in Granada, the La Mota fortress in Alcalá la Real or the impressive Mosque of Córdoba, a route full of history, starting from the sea of Almería and crossing its deserts. , the impressive mountains of Granada or the immense sea of olive trees between Jaén and Córdoba.
In short, a way of doing the sport that we are passionate about while getting to know this part of Andalusia, full of magic, through rural and sustainable tourism.


The departure will take place at the origin of the Mozarabic Way of Santiago, in the Cathedral of Almería and the arrival point in the Mosque of Córdoba, the organization will provide the route book and the track to the participants at the time of registration. At the accreditation you will be given the GPS device that you must carry and have active until arrival in Córdoba. The device provided will provide visibility through the website to the entire public, family and organization of your situation. The passage times will be provided by the device and will be uploaded in real time to the platform.


You will have to carry or purchase in the municipalities you pass through, the drink and food you need for the tour. Own civil liability insurance in case of accident. In case of abandonment you must manage your return back to Almería by your own means.

You will be given a complete roadbook, where you can see the towns you pass through, where they are located in the kilometres, and where you have a bar or store, as well as places where you can refill water.

Path of contrasts

Mozarabe Adventure Program

05:00 Bus departure to Almería
08:00 Accreditation and Briefing Plaza Catedral Almería
10:00 Official Departure. Almería Cathedral Square

16:30 Time Limit. Mosque of Cordoba
18:00 Bus departure to Almería

Mozarabe Adventure Magazine

#1 What does is consist of ?


1. The track provided must be followed.
2. You will have 54 hours to complete the route with no limit of km per day.
3. You will have to have sports accident

Online Tracking

4 Provinces | 3 Capitals | 31 Populations

What does registration include?

  • Welcome Breakfast
  • Welcome Pack
  • Official Track
  • Satellite device for live tracking
  • Finisher
  • Transport Cordoba Almeria Friday 05.00 am
  • Transport Cordoba Almeria Sunday 06.00 pm
  • Cancellation insurance


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